did some guest work for a friend’s fanbook /v\

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i just finished rainbow rescue’s main plot so here’s come cutscene art to celebrate!!! i don’t think i missed any but who knows. iiii might edit this later if there’s any cutscene art in the after story

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"Polnareff, jump!"

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sleep well ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

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Yup, more of the same!!!

They’re fun to draw, what can I say. 

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to date jojos bizarre adventure has 111 volumes with each volume containing 10 chapters

after counting i discovered that on average a chapter of jojo is around 950 words long which would make each volume 9500 words long and the entirety of jojo as of this point 1054500 words long

to put this into perspective the entire works of shakespeare is only 884421 words which means hirohiko araki overtook william shakespeare midway through steel ball run roughly about when gyro and johnny meet wekapipo

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There’s no way the third-years are going to quit!

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K A R A S U N O  V o l l e y b a l l  C l u b

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Haikyuu!! Volume 10 → Bonus Chapter

※ In case it isn’t clear, Kenma is likely referring to the author’s elder brother.

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First Chapter They Appear  vs. Last Chapter

"Let’s go to the spring tournament!"


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